Don't Know How to Style Vintage Clothing? 7 Fashion Girls Show Us the Ropes

Vintage shopping is always so rewarding, whether you end up buying something or not. There is a certain feeling you get sifting through gorgeous clothing, knowing that each piece has a story. So, typically, you fall in love with a special item or two, get home, and stare at it almost as if you've never laid eyes on it before in your life. In other words, knowing how to style vintage clothing is a whole feat on its own. 

In order to gain some general knowledge on the matter, we turned to a handful of the most stylish fashion bloggers we know for expert tips on how to style vintage clothing. Whether it be a vintage Chanel chain belt or a '60s-inspired blouse, these ladies are quite keen to make any vintage piece of their choosing look extremely forward. Are you ready to learn from the pros?

Go on to find out the best ways to style vintage clothing, according to these fashion bloggers.