The Challenging Trend Celebrities Are Obsessed With

Jumpsuits, crop tops, leggings, and cropped flares are just a few of the once-challenging trends first adopted by style-savvy celebrities and now considered wardrobe staples. But there's a newer trend in town that many would consider a challenge to wear, given its bedtime connotations: robes.

You're probably aware that the boudoir look has been a thing for the past few seasons at this point. It's now acceptable to wear fancy pajamas outside, along with sheer pieces and slippers. If there's one takeaway from the trend, as a whole, that's had the biggest effect on celebrities' closets, though, it's undoubtedly the aforementioned robes. The problem is that if you're not careful, you could end up looking more like you're waiting for room service at 10 p.m. than waiting for the subway at 10 a.m. But being the sartorial whizzes they are, these eight celebs have mastered the "robes as streetwear" trend. Ready to watch and learn?

Keep scrolling to see how eight stylish celebs style the trend then shop our favorite robes at the end!