Confirmed: Flip-Flops Are Back (and They're Stylish)

Love it or hate it, there's no denying that flip-flops are back on the must-shop list for 2017. After appearing on more than a few runways for the spring season, the trend is clearly here to stay. The resurgence appears to be part of a runway theme over the past few years that, thanks in part to brands like Vetements, repurposes seemingly unpopular trends with no lack of irony.

While it's tough to change much about the sandals themselves, the question of how to style flip-flops remains. On the spring runways, the casual footwear was paired with elegant dresses, namely more feminine silhouettes instead of the ultra-casual ensembles you might expect. So if you're looking to bring the sandals back into your wardrobe this year, try wearing them with an unexpectedly fancy ensemble.

Read on for a look at flip-flops on the runway, and then shop a few of our favorite sandal styles for spring!