The Genius Trick a Victoria's Secret Model Uses to Store Her Bras

You can learn a lot about yourself based on your lingerie drawer. The bras you choose spell out what you find sexy, and, more important, comfortable. But no matter if a demi or sports bra is more your style, taking care of your intimates is crucial, and no one knows this better than a Victoria's Secret model.

So when Martha Hunt stopped by our office to talk about the new Body by Victoria collection, we jumped at the chance to ask her for some organizational tips. “I tuck them one in front of the other,” she said. “Never overstuff them, because it’s very important to take care of your bras. You don’t want them falling out of your drawers.” And to avoid having a mad tangle in your drawers, “make sure to fasten the clips in the back so they don’t snag.”

Martha also shared tips for cleaning your bras, including the fact that when it comes to intimates, the dryer is not your friend. “It’s good to hand-wash your bras, but if you don’t have the time, you can wash them and then lay them flat to dry. You want to take really good care of your bras. They’re the main thing touching your body, and they can’t fall apart.”

Read on to check out Martha modeling and to shop a few of the bras from the new Body by Victoria collection!

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Opening Image: Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris