A Stylist Told Us How to Steam Clothes in a Hurry

how to steam clothes in a hurry


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If you’ve ever been without a steamer or in a hurry to get out the door without time to properly iron something that’s wrinkled, you’ll be happy to know that there is a quick fix. And celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson is clueing us in on her trick for how to steam clothes in a hurry. Ahead, find out how you can banish wrinkles in under a minute.

Patrickson told Who What Wear, “The best trick I have to steam clothes in under 60 seconds is to simultaneously spritz water on the problem area whilst drying it with a hair dryer. If you can get a friend … to help, even better! One of you can spray and hold the fabric taught whilst the other dries off the wrinkles. It works like magic. Just be mindful of using a fabric like brushed silk or any material that doesn’t do well with water. Do a test on an inside edge to make sure it works before trying it on the front!” So now, you never need to wear a wrinkled shirt again.

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