Starting a Clothing Line? What 3 Designers Wish They Had Known



If you grew up with a pair of scissors in your hand and a sewing machine in your room, you might have dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. But how do you turn that dream into a reality? Curious to find out insight from cool up-and-coming fashion labels, we tapped the women behind Réalisation, LPA, and Majorelle to find out what is most important to know when you’re starting out and what these female entrepreneurs have learned along the way. Go on to find out their advice.

First, it’s important to create something original. Lara Pia Arrobio of LPA thinks this is key: “Don’t look at what other people are doing, and don’t replicate something that already exists—create something new,” she tells Who What Wear. With all of the designers out there, you must ask yourself: What am I bringing to the table that is different? Define your voice and hone in on an original aesthetic so you’re truly offering something unique.

Next, it’s key to balance the creative and business sides of your brand. This can mean finding a great business partner or carving out time to manage both sides. Having a strong business plan is vital to the success and growth of your brand. But as Rachel Zeilic of Majorelle also shares, “Without great creative, there will be no business to run!”

And what if something goes wrong? Teale Talbot of Réalisation admits that “there are always going to be learning curves. Mistakes are unavoidable.” The important thing is to pivot to a new approach and grow from any missteps.

Ahead, they are sharing more of their top tips for starting a new fashion label including how they balance creativity with business, the key to developing an original aesthetic, and what they wish they had known when they were first starting out. 

Keep reading to find out more advice from the women behind Réalisation, LPA, and Majorelle.