8 Ways To Double Your Wardrobe (Without Spending A Dime!)

Doubling your wardrobe without spending a dime may sound like a dubious claim at best. While we don’t have a magic wand to make your closet bigger, we do have a few novel ways to wear pieces you already own.

Scroll down to see eight out-of-the-box styling secrets for everyday items, from a brilliant suggestion for a button-down shirt to a smart trick for getting more mileage out of a midi skirt.

1. Wear a midi skirt as a dress.


JDH Imagez / Splash News

Look for a midi or maxi skirt with an elastic waistband like Palermo's to ensure your dress stays up. 

2. Wear a dress as a top by pairing it with pants.


The Man Repeller

If you find the more daring combination of a flowy dress with wide-leg trousers unflattering, you can still try the look with a slimmer-cut dress and fitted pants.

3. Wear a button-down shirt as a skirt.


Vanessa Jackman

This look isn’t for the faint of heart. To pull it off, wrap a belt under the collar of the button-down shirt to ensure it stays up. Call us overcautious, but you might also want to add a few strategic safety pins connecting your top with your makeshift skirt, which will ensure everything stays in place.

4. Wear a sports bra as a crop top.



Pair a plain, sleek sports bra with overalls for a tomboy effect.

5. Wear an oversized scarf as a top, and keep it in place with a belt.



We recommend trying this look with a silk camisole underneath, just in case the belt doesn’t keep everything secure. After all, isn’t it best to leave the wardrobe malfunctions to the pros?

6. Wear a vest as a top.



We adore this provocative menswear look, but have two words of advice: wardrobe tape.

7. Wear a cardigan as a top.



For an alluring effect, opt for a deep v-neck sweater, and for more conservative occasions, try a crewneck cardigan.

8. Wear a shirtdress as a blouse by adding a miniskirt on top.


The Blonde Salad

Tip: This outfit works best with a relatively form-fitting shirtdress made of a thin material.

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Will you try any of these out-of-the-box combos? Let us know in the comments below!