How to Shop Black Friday Without Hating Your Life

Don't panic. Yes, Black Friday is quickly approaching, but despite what terrifying YouTube videos may suggest, it is actually possible to navigate the shopping day relatively stress-free. The key is to have a few tricks up your sleeve. With proper preparation and a plan to get you through any possible craziness, you'll be able to score hidden gems with the best of them.

To help you make it through Black Friday as easily as possible, we're breaking it down to help you know exactly what you'll need to do to come away unscathed—and maybe even proud of the pieces you've picked up. Armed with our list of nine tricks, you'll end up saving time, money, and a whole lot of heartbreak too. Ready to get down to business?

Read on for nine tips to help you survive black Friday, along with a little shopping to help you kick things off! 


Bring a Buddy

Don't navigate Black Friday alone; team up with a friend instead. You can easily divide and conquer, navigate lines, and spot hidden gems when you're working together. 

Scan Social Media

You already follow the brands you love on Instagram or Facebook, so be sure to check out their accounts before you head out. Often, brands will feature their deals so you'll know exactly what to expect.

Do Your Research Before

Research is the key to a successful Black Friday trip. Best-selling styles come back season after season, and you may be able to snag a favorite staple on sale. 

know when to quit

No matter how hard you try, there comes a time when you're faced with diminishing returns; the energy you put in just isn't getting you as far. It may be after an hour, or maybe half a day, but don't be afraid to call it quits. There will always be another chance to pick up a must-have.

Location, Location, Location

When you're deciding where to shop, remember the location can make all the difference. Know which branches of stores in your area have the best stock, or check Google Maps to find the best route to hit up all your must-visits. It will save you time and energy, we promise.

set a budget

We know it's easy to be tempted by all the goodies out there to shop, but you'll feel much better after your shopping day if you set a budget and stick to it. You'll be forced to pick the items you'll truly treasure, instead of being tempted by what's simply a good deal.

wear sneakers

Run, don't walk—just kidding. But, being able to navigate quickly and comfortably will make a huge difference come game time. Wear sneakers and you'll breeze through the day.

start early

On-trend pieces from brands that you love are bound to sell out fast, so the earlier you can get a head start the better. If you're the first one in the door, you'll have top pick of what's offered. 

wear an underlayer

Dressing room lines can be crazy when stores get crowded, so you'll want to dress in underlayers (think leggings, sports bra, or bodysuit) that will allow you to try on clothing quickly and effectively.

Now, for some pre-shopping inspiration, check out these comfy and stylish holiday looks!

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