How I Made $3K Off of My Old Clothes

Let me preface by saying that I live in a constant state of closet clean-out mode. For me, the thought of doing a mass overhaul of my closet once a year or so is incredibly daunting. (I’ve tried it, and the theme of the project is always indecision and procrastination—not the best combination.) Accordingly, I prefer to sift through my wardrobe more regularly to see which pieces I’m feeling ready to part with (it can change on a whim), selling pieces on eBay as I go along.

When faced with an impending cross-country move late last summer and an overflowing closet I didn’t particularly want to make the cross-country move along with me in its entirety (how many chambray shirts and pairs of black ankle boots does one truly need?), I amped up my regular closet clean-outs to almost daily clean-outs, making separate piles for the items to donate, consign, and sell on eBay.

As a fashion editor, it’s my duty to keep up with the fashion world and dress the part. And of course I love shopping, but I certainly don’t have an unlimited budget for it. To get around financial constraints, I often shop sales and eBay to acquire the pieces that I covet while regularly reselling items that I tire of. I can then use the cash to shop for new pieces, guilt-free.

While I know that my situation isn’t applicable to everyone, I do think that my personal experience and what I’ve learned along the way can be helpful no matter what you have to sell. Which is why I diligently kept records along the way, starting last summer up until the present. By keeping track of what I sold everywhere and for how much, I’m able to paint a clear picture of how much the price differentiated with different methods of resale for similar pieces. I even came to the conclusion that I’ll never again use one method of resale in particular (more on that later).

Keep scrolling to hear my personal account of how I made nearly $3K by selling my old clothes, and to shop a lust-worthy assortment of pieces that may put you in closet clean-out mode, too! How’s that for motivation?

How do you go about selling your clothes? Tell us in the comments below!

Opening Image: The Coveteur