How to Finally Save Up for Your First Designer Bag Purchase

Buying your first designer bag is one of those fashion-girl rites of passage, almost as important as, arguably more than, getting your first car. But with high-end price tags equating nearly a month’s rent, we consulted with handbag expert Tina Craig of Bag Snob for advice on how to get the purse of your dreams without cashing out your savings account.

“By adjusting your life ever so slightly and following this plan religiously,” says Craig, “you can afford two new designer bags each year. And trust me—a great bag dangling from your shoulder is way more satisfying than that fancy chai latte.”

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Kacper Kasprzyk

“I know this seems like nothing, but $5 a day x 365 days = $1,825 a year! So you can save big by making your own coffee or tea at home. Plus, it’s hip to carry around a recyclable thermos. It gives you the right to look smug all day.”


Jean-Franois Campos

“Put your body and your wallet on a frequent mini-cleanse, and pack nutritious salads at least three times a week. You can save at least $45 a week! And $45 a week x 48 weeks a year = $2,160 saved each year.”


Ellen Von Unwerth

“A night out for drinks and dinner with the girls can cost upward of $100, as opposed to $30 at home. Instead, host a BYOB girls’ night at your place once a month: $70 x 12 months = $840 saved each year.”


Juergen Teller

“Let your nails breathe (yes, giving your nails a detox is actually a thing), do your nails yourself, or merely cut back on your time at the salon. For example, instead of getting a manicure every two weeks, go once a month. A manicure costs around $30 with tip, so you’ll save $360 each year.”


Terry Richardson

“Now that you’ve saved your pennies, it’s time to choose the best bag for you. Go for classic shapes over trendy thrills. Those fringes that are beckoning you today may be the bane of your closet tomorrow. Think in terms of timeless elements. Logos are fine, as they are a matter of personal taste. But don’t let a designer logo fool you into a regrettable purchase!”

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