The Most Popular Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

It's no secret that weddings are getting more expensive than ever. But if you feel pressure to have a better bash than all of your friends, you might take solace in American Express's new report.

According to the report, couples are increasingly interested in cutting down the costs of their ceremonies. So how are they doing it? The report revealed that 55% of married couples have relied on DIY projects to save cash, including creating their own wedding album, centerpieces, and guest favors. 

The report also divulged that 24% of couples do not hire a wedding planner and 21% choose a less expensive venue rather than their dream spot. What's more, 30% of couples have eschewed large weddings entirely by either getting married at a courthouse or hosting a very small ceremony. 

Head over to American Express to check out all of the findings, and scroll down to shop under-$500 engagement rings!

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Opening Image: @WhitneyEvePort