How to Punch Up An All Black Wardrobe With Jewelry

Ah, the all-black ensemble. Trusted by SO many fashion influencers, the chic style is a go-to for that certain sophisticated look. If you, like others, feel that sometimes all-black outfits can be a little harsh or repetitive, colorful jewelry could be the solution.

Pomellato’s Nudo rings are a great fit for this scenario, especially since the gems are left without prongs, in turn giving them a nude feel. Stacking colorful rings adds interest to your jewelry game and easily complements that black bell-sleeve top you chose for the office.

Keep scrolling to see how your jewelry can add color with your all-black ensembles.


Keep in mind that your jewelry choices often strike an impression with those around you. Inspire others by stacking the rings to seamlessly integrate not only color but also novelty into your ensemble.


Wear one on your right hand and two on your left. Mixing it up spreads out the color so it flows through your ensemble. PS: This is also a street style secret to keep in your back pocket.


If you’re wearing a top with a deeper neckline, add interest by wearing a pendant necklace. Mixing up the colors in your look by pairing this with other gems is a simple way to add color and dimension—so chic.

How does jewelry influence your ability to incorporate color to your look? Let us know in the comments below.