Save the Pleats! How to Properly Care for Pleated Pieces

If you didn’t already know, the only way to rescue a pleated piece is a trip to the dry cleaners. That said, there are a couple cautionary tips to keep in mind before handing off your beloved item. To avoid coming home with a not-so-pleated item, ask your neighborhood cleaners a few important questions, such as whether your item needs to be spot-treated. If so, double-check that they have machines to repleat if needed, since chemicals used to spot-treat an item typically cause pleats to vanish.

In a nutshell, here’s how to save your pleats:

1. Dry clean only.

2. If possible, avoid spot treatment.

3. If there’s no way to avoid spot treatment, make sure your cleaner has a machine that can re-pleat in case your skirt falls victim to disappearing pleats.