How to Prevent Blisters for Under 25 Cents


Always Judging

Chances are, if you're a woman who enjoys shoes, you've had your fair share of blisters over the years. They have a tendency to pop up in different places on your feet, especially when you're breaking in some new beauties from Barneys—but sometimes even your old classics surprise you by rubbing a raw spot after earning your trust.

The most obvious method of preventing blisters is simply by placing a Band-Aid on the places where you're particularly prone to them. But sometimes, even that's not enough, and you end up hobbling around with a grimace on your face. (Not cute.) Blogger Courtney Trop of Always Judging told us her tried-and-true trick for preventing blisters—it's simple and subtly brilliant.

 "I do two Band-Aids to prevent blisters," she says. "I put one on my foot and one on the shoe too, so it's a double layer."

Two Band-Aids typically cost less than 25 cents, and it's so much more effective to double them up instead of relying on a solo guy to keep you pain-free. 

Do you have any other tricks you use to prevent blisters? Let us know in the comments below. 

What's your go-to trick for preventing blisters? Share in the comments below!