5 Rules for Picking Out an A+ Outfit

Strategizing a top-notch outfit requires less work than you think. With the right amount of preparation and creativity, consistently feeling good about what you’re wearing is totally doable. Scroll down for our start-to-finish outline of A+ outfit-picking, and for more ideas, be sure to check out our updated-daily fashion week street style slideshows!

Whether it’s a Pinterest board full of seasonal outfit ideas from your favorite street style stars or a physical mood board hung in your closet, if you have a source for ways to keep your look fresh and dynamic, you’ll never have to start from scratch.


Samantha Goh

We know that after a strenuous day of work, you may be tempted to slip into bed with Netflix, but we can’t stress enough how important this step is. Not only will it make your morning less chaotic, but also, you’re likely to get more creative when you have time to play with different combinations and actually try things on.

If you give yourself a solid and stylish base for building outfits, you’re only setting yourself up for success. What is an elevated staple? Perhaps it’s a black blazer with special cuff details, a poplin button-down shirt with a built-in scarf, or even a pair of trousers that simply fit like a glove.

We feel a bit like a nagging mother at this point, but we’ll never stop proclaiming our love for the third piece rule. Anytime you’re getting dressed, consider incorporating more than two pieces. The end result will most likely feel more polished, pulled together, and interesting.

Sure, you won’t leave the house without your purse or shoes, but if you love your accessory collection as much as your clothes, you’ll boost the quality of your outfit tenfold. Also, for days when you’re feeling more minimal, you can quickly jazz it up with a statement earring or embellished heels.

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What's your strategy for putting together a great outfit? Tell us our tips in the comments below!