27 Engagement Rings for Every Type of Girl

Being on the cusp of engagement can be tricky territory. On one hand, the possibility of beginning a new life and embarking on new adventures with your partner is exciting. But on the other hand, if you're like many stylish women out there, you might just be experiencing a bit of stress over the ring. 

Why? Because, as most women of a certain style would agree, you have your standards! What if your beloved buys you a ring that he spent ages trying to pick out—and you hate it? What if you don't hate it, but you aren't in love with it either? Will it just grow on you? As someone who puts a lot of pride in your appearance, these are all valid questions to ask. 

To help you relieve some of this stress, we looked far and wide to come up with a grouping of rings so vastly different in style that you're sure to love at least one. Keep scrolling to see (and shop) 28 incrediby different and beautiful engagement rings now!

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