Rework Your Tired Denim: Here's How to Paint Jeans



Jeans are one of those durable wardrobe items that boast long life spans and also have a way of sticking around long past their prime. It's difficult to part ways with a particularly loved and worn-in pair of jeans, but after enough time, even the best denim can lose its appeal. If you find yourself in this predicament of holding onto a pair of jeans that require a refresh, there is a simple step that can give your jeans new life—if you're up for getting a little crafty. You can rework your tired denim with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you're looking to add some artistry with planned designs or simply provide a literal splash of color via a splatter effect, painting jeans can immediately transform their look while making them uniquely yours. So if you're wondering how to paint jeans, follow the simple steps below for professional results every time.

Keep reading to learn how to paint jeans and give new life to your tired denim.

Step One: Even if the jeans you plan on painting are brand new, you should wash and dry them before getting out the craft supplies.

Step Two: Iron your jeans flat and lay them out over newspaper that's spread over a table.

Step Three: Cut out a piece of cardboard the approximate size of the jeans' thigh or calf area (whichever you plan on painting) and slide them into the jeans.

Step Four: Use the fabric paint to decorate the jeans as desired. Light, quick dabs are advised over thick coats of paint, broad brushstrokes, or pressing too hard. A good balance of paint application that's neither too light nor too thick will make it more likely that the paint survives washes.

Step Five: Let jeans dry overnight to set the paint.

Step Six: Turn your jeans inside out and wash them alone in cold water. Allow jeans to air dry to protect the pigment, or run them by themselves through the dryer for a more faded effect.

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