A 3-Prong French Technique for Packing Lightly

A day in the life of a fashion girl, problem #101: overpacking. When you love clothes and accessories as much as we do, it's hard to narrow down your wardrobe and decide which of your favorites to take with you. Even more importantly, you want to have looks prepared for every type of occasion you might encounter! To combat this problem, we realized we needed to turn to the master of refined minimalism—the French woman. Vogue recently interviewed French label Maje's creative director, Judith Milgrom, and broke down some of her most amazing style advice when it comes to travel and beyond.

"When I travel I usually prepare a list of outfits for each day to make sure I don't take too much," she said. "I pack a very edited selection of pieces that are versatile and can be mixed and matched to work for meetings, days out, and nighttime. I then pack the shoes in cotton bags and my dressy outfits in garment bags. My makeup essentials are packed in a pouch, which I later use as a handbag." That last bit is genius! We're definitely going to be following this advice on our next trip. There are three main points to take away from this:

1) List out your outfits. 2) Make sure your pieces are versatile can be mixed and matched. 3) Pack makeup in a bag that doubles as a clutch. Voilà! You're ready to jet off in style.

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Opening Image: @newdarlings