How To Move Your Wardrobe Efficiently

We promise you haven’t heard of all of these packing and moving tricks. 

You will be building several boxes—a tape gun is a must. 

Duck HD Clear Tape Gun With Roll ($9) 

Using scissors to cut open boxes is just dangerous. 

You will frantically need to find an item, invariably, so do yourself a favor and label your boxes. 

Sure you might look silly, but having the crucial tools (box cutter, marker, and tape) on you at all times will ultimately save you time. 

Act like it’s a puzzle and perfectly position your largest suitcase full of shoes and boots. 

Strategy: it’s all about strategy. 

Need to fit as much as possible in your car? Well, space bags will blow your mind. 

The Container Store Space Bags ($10) 

Might sound crazy, but this trick is a Who What Wear favorite! 

Rolling your clothes sounds much better than lifting load after load. 

Rubbermaid Jumbo Roughneck Wheeled Storage Box ($81)

This is definitely the easiest way to pack and unpack your hanging clothes. 

Staples Wardrobe Boxes ($40) 

Stackable containers will also come in handy when packing your car or moving truck.

Sterilite 5-Gallon Storage Box (set of six, $30)

Denim is heavy, so remember to double-up on the tape! 

We suggest packing your jewels last, and keeping them in a designated spot. 

You do not want your jewelry sliding all over the place. 

Take advantage of the pouches and small bags you already own and use them to store bulky jewelry. 

To avoid hours of untangling necklaces, pack delicate jewelry in a reliable jewelry holder. 

Large Aztec Tiara Jewelry Case ($56) 

Save money by stuffing the travel bags you own with items like belts, scarves, and socks. 


Do you have a secret moving tip you would like to share? Post it in the comment section below!