Turns Out Wearing Your Shoes Like This Is Better for Your Overall Health

Photo: Collage Vintage

Searching for the most comfortable shoes available seems nearly impossible, and honestly, it might be. Instead of setting out to find one particular shoe style or brand that will provide us with maximum comfort, Bobby Pourziaee, DPM, of Rodeo Drive Podiatry let us in on a few secret tips that can improve more than just the comfort level of your shoes—they can improve your health overall. This means that by taking note of the following expert tips on how to make your shoes more comfortable, you can naturally reposition your joints, align your spine, and improve overall circulation all by way of a couple of minor tweaks to the shoes you already own. In even better news, these small adjustments are extremely easy and don’t require you to sacrifice anything in the style department.

Pourziaee focuses on two main podiatrist-approved health tricks that will give you that extra-comfortable pep in your step—using orthotics and loosening your shoes. It’s a mind-boggling concept to think about, that the quality and comfort of your feet can actually improve your body’s health in totality, but if there is anyone we can trust when it comes to the best practices for all things having to do with feet and their well-being, it’s a podiatrist.

Scroll down to read the tips a podiatrist says can improve your overall health.