How to Make Your Outfit Look Expensive in 2016

You’ll be surprised at how little tweaks or adjustments can make all the difference to your outfit. Think about the most stylish girl you know, and what it is about her look that seems so effortless. It’s probably not the pieces, but the little details that make her stand out. A perfectly rolled cuff, the way her shirt is buttoned up or even the way she’s carrying her bag.

Styling tricks evolve with the trends—a styling trick may even be a trend. As fashion month is coming to a close, we combed through all the best street style images to discover what little tricks the most stylish women on the planet put to use, to make every outfit look expensive.

Keep scrolling to discover the easiest tricks that’ll make your outfit appear more expensive than it really is—and then shop some pieces if you're still in the mood to spend.

Have you noticed the biggest denim trend right now is a frayed hem? Avoid spending big and take to an old pair of straight leg jeans and snip the hem. The fringing will come.

If your pants have belt hoops, and you're tucking in, add the belt. It shows that you gave thought to your outfit by adding a finishing touch.

Sleeves are big news this season. Flared, ruched, and long. Let yours poke out under your jacket to get the same look for less.

There's no use having a closet full of scarves and never using them. Adjust the way you'd normally wear it, and get a little more inventive.

So you'll have to spend a few dollars here, but perfect-fitting pants are a non-negotiable. 

What's the point in having everything else right, when your shoes are so wrong. Keep them looking brand new and the rest of your look will, too.

When you're having those morning moments and you can't even, tonal is a safe choice. It always looks expensive. Our advice? Pick a neutral tone.

What's your trick for making an outfit look expensive? Share your tricks in the comments below!

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