How to Make Sweatpants Look Chic When You're Hungover

If New Year's Eve did a number on you, no one's judging if you choose to stick to sweatpants until you get back to work. Cozying up in comfy clothes is the least you can do to treat yourself when you're feeling hungover. But just because you're suiting up in sweats doesn't mean you have to step outside without looking chic.

Luckily, thanks to sweatpants trailblazer Gigi Hadid and designer labels like Vetements, making the casual piece a high-fashion staple, sweatpants have been elevated from their frowned-upon status and instead accepted by fashion girls the world over. So while you're recovering from ringing in the New Year, go ahead and take a cue from our favorite street style stars and throw on some sweatpants and sunglasses to head out into 2017.

See below for the fashion girl–approved ways to make sweatpants look chic.