Not Just for Bloggers Anymore: How to Make Money on Social Media

If you didn't know, now you do: One way fashion bloggers make money is by getting a commission on the sales of products they feature. Whether it's directly linking to said products on their site, or using a service like Like to Know It on Instagram, the business of featuring (and selling) products is a big one. And now, it's no longer the unofficial domain of the blogging community.

An app called Cosign (available in both the Apple and Android app stores) gives everyone the opportunity to earn a commission off products they post.

"A few years ago, I saw a random commercial that had a product I was interested in—the main character had these amazing red shoes," Cosign's co-founder Esosa Ighodaro told Who What Wear of the initial inspiration behind the app. "I couldn’t find the shoes, but I kept finding other people looking for same item. That's where the idea was born."

How It Works

Cosign pretty much works just like you'd expect: You upload a photo, select an item to tag, and post. Then people can shop directly from the image, and you make money off any sales.

"Drag a tag on top of the specific item you want to display, then a search bar comes up," Ighodaro explains. "You start searching brand and keywords, then once you click search, it pulls up all the items— we have more than 1200 retailers and 13 million products in our database."

Here's where the money comes in: "Every time a product is sold, we get a piece of the commission, and we split that commission with the person (you)," she explains. "We are one of the only apps that has the analytics to actually see how many times the item was clicked and purchased."

?When you first download the app, you start out making 30% commission on items you sell, but via a built-in rewards system you can increase your rate up to 60%. For now, the app works with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, with Instagram and Tumblr launching soon.

How to Get It

The app is free to download in both the iTunes and Google Play stores. If you're already a fan of posting regular #ootd photos, you can now make money off your hobby!

Do you think you'll get the app and try it out? Tell us in the comments below! And keep reading for five helpful tips to get more Instagram followers now