We Asked Sydney's Famous Cobbler How to Give Your Boots a Second Life


Brooke Testoni

Maintaining the quality and extending the life of your wardrobe favourites is as important as looking after your hair. Having lived in dry and hot Queensland until just last year, moisture and dampness in my apartment was new to me. My fellow roomie and I learned quickly that mould is a real wardrobe killer, especially when it comes to shoesEarlier this year, I pulled out the shoe box holding my boots that I had saved up for and purchased early last year. "Such a good investment", I thought at the time of purchase—a classic black ankle boot that'll go with everything, made with quality Italian leather. While I was expecting to get a few years out of the boots, I was mortified to find the leather had drooped around the ankles and the heels were covered in mould. While not unwearable, I just didn't feel the same way I once did about them and replaced them almost immediately.

The cost per wear on my new set of boots didn't stretch too far in the end, and in a conscious effort to take care of this year's pair, I asked one of Sydney's best-known cobblers, Roger Metry of Roger Shoe Repairs in Redfern, to give me the lowdown on how to give your shoes the best possible life.

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Prevention Is Key

To prevent cracks, Metry recommends using a leather conditioner to keep the leather supple. It's a small price to pay and will ensure the fibres in the leather stay nourished. Shoe polish can be used once a week to restore the leather, however this is purely

To care for suede, use a stain protector and waterproofer as soon as you purchase the shoes. 


Brooke Testoni

Replace the Soles

To make boots last longer, Metry suggests resoling the shoes as soon as they are purchased. This service varies in costs but is between $30 to $40. Resoling shoes gives the leather a protective layer, which makes them last longer. Repairing any damage as soon as it appears is also important.


Brooke Testoni 


Never store your boots in plastic, Metry warns. Store in a shoe box and use newspaper to stuff the boots to keep their shape. Moisture can break down rubber, so Metry advises purchasing moisture absorbing dehumidifiers to keep them dry in your wardrobe. 

Still a massive fan of the croc-effect look. 

The style you can get away wearing all seasons throughout the year. 

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