Remember THIS Styling Trick in the Dressing Room

We first brought you the "third-piece trick," for making sure your outfits are always amazing, last winter. While we've stood by this smart trick since then, we've realized the importance of the rule even more as we've been trying on fall clothes in the dressing rooms of our favorite stores.

In fact, at Club Monaco specifically, the sales clerk helping this particular editor called out (multiple times!) the importance of the third piece—that extra item (not shoes), like a jacket, scarf, or sweater, that adds nuance to an otherwise ordinary outfit of, say, a blouse and jeans. Essentially, it makes your overall ensemble look much more stylish and forward.

So what are some of the best ways to practice this rule? Keep scrolling to scope out how the street style elite is adding a third piece into their outfits. Plus, go a bit further to shop some of our favorite third pieces of the moment.