My Intern Taught Me the Best Instagram Pose

It’s not uncommon for me and my intern to take a midday photo shoot. Our office has several prime spots for photos ops, and we typically take turns photographing one another’s look of the day for a gram or story component. Plus, it’s a productive way to take a break from my computer screen and bond with my interns. Today I’m sharing one of the best posing tips I learned from my photo-ready college intern.

This summer, while my now former intern Anna Taricco was snapping a few photos of me for a story I was working on, she said, “Now put one leg out; it’ll make you look taller.” The simple tip may sound obvious, but while you’re in the moment and in front of the camera, it’s a great trick to keep top of mind.

By extending one leg (rather than standing straight), it’ll lend the illusion of a longer and leaner figure and overall make you look slimmer in photos. It works like a charm, I promise.

Scroll down to see the Instagram pose I learned from my intern.

What's your go-to pose for Instagram? Leave your Instagram handle in the comments below for us to check it out.