The Magic Formula for Looking Slim in Any Turtleneck

Listen, we get it: Turtlenecks are kinda scary. For ladies (like yours truly!) who happen to be of a certain build—with larger breasts, broader shoulders, and generally ampler curves—the sweaters are oft found on every "do not wear" list from here to yonder. And for (what seems like) good reason: The chunky, high-neck knits don't seem universally flattering.

But we've done our research and come up with some ways you can look slim in just about every kind of turtleneck, from a formfitting knit to a chunkier one. The formula is pretty simple, really, when you think about it: Keep everything lifted, smooth, and away from the already burdened neck area. And voilà! Your best turtleneck look yet.

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If you wear a well-fitting, supportive bra, pull your hair away from your face, and avoid heavy/cumbersome earrings, you will look instantly slimmer in even the chunkiest of turtlenecks.

Turtlenecks, by their very nature, make the entire torso/head/neck area look a little bit heavier: all that fabric around your neck certainly isn't going to make you look lighter. The idea is that if you take it easy on your accessories and hairstyle, you won't add unnecessary weight.


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What's your magic trick for looking slim in fall's chunky knits? Share your secrets below!