How to Layer Your Jewellery Like a Pro

I grew up thinking that you were either a ‘gold’ or ‘silver’ girl, and you picked your metal and stuck with it forever. I’ve been wearing the same Russian wedding ring (given to me by my aunt) since I was 11, so it’s pretty safe to say I’m stuck in my ways… and also my fingers haven’t really grown.

I think I’m not the only one who plays it safe, so in an effort to mix things (and metals) up, I reached out to one of my favourite jewellery designers, Tanja Kovacevic of Petite Grand, to find out how the pros do it. Keep scrolling for her tips on how to mix metals and layer your earrings (AKA the next big jewellery trend).


Petite Grand

Who What Wear Australia: What’s your best styling tip for wearing multiple earrings at once?

Tanja Kovacevic: Mixing different sizes earrings; small, big, dangly drops, short simple styles mixed with bigger, unusual styles. Creating your own unique and individual look is key. Start with the biggest styles at the lobe, and go smaller as you move up the ear. 


Petite Grand

WWW: How do you like to layer your jewellery?

TK: I love to mix my metals and wear silver and gold together. I like how it subtlety clashes and creates a contrast. 


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