The Spring Style Mistake You Should Never Make Again

One day it’s warm enough to hang at the beach, the next there’s snow in the forecast. Trying to get dressed in the morning is a tricky sport this time of year, but there’s one trick in every fashionable woman’s styling arsenal: layering. Preparing yourself for temperature fluctuations is a sure way to survive the season as easily as possible. That being said, piling on item after item isn’t necessarily the most flattering look; there’s an art to putting things together.

To help ensure you’ll never be caught unprepared again, we turned to the streets for inspiration. With our favorite trendsetters braving every element during fashion month, you can be sure there are plenty of layering tricks to keep on hand for a chilly day. Now, you’ll know exactly how to layer for spring, without ever sacrificing style.

Read on for seven layering tricks for the spring to take advantage of!