How to Quit Shopping and Still Be Stylish

For anyone who has ever wondered how to give up shopping for Lent—or how to give up shopping for any reason—this one’s for you. While we obviously talk a great deal about what you should buy, we’re also firm believers that a shopping cleanse is one of the best ways to reinvigorate your style. It forces you to take stock of what you already have and use your creativity to find new ways to wear your existing wardrobe. Don’t ever think that taking a break from shopping will affect your style negatively. It will probably even improve it.

Before we get into the methods to help you give up shopping, the first step is taking on the task of cleaning out your closet for Lent. That way, before embarking on your shopping cleanse, you can take a final opportunity to make any purchases you actually need, e.g., a new pair of black sandals after your only other pair met their demise. This will help to ensure you don’t have to cheat during your shopping cleanse and fall into an unrecoverable shopping binge. Now that you know what the first step is, find out the rest of the methods to help you take a break from shopping below!

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