Want Slimmer Hips? Try These Jeans

We'd place a bet that most women have parts of their bodies they love and others they might not love as much. Of course, we would never tell women they need to change anything about their bodies, but as an office with a female majority, we know that fashion gives women the power to highlight and accentuate the parts of our bodies we like the most—and minimize the parts we could do without.

To that end, we think there are a few handy tricks out there to achieve the silhouette you most desire. One of our favorites is to wear flared jeans to slim your hips; the wider silhouette at the ankle will balance out and help slim your top half, particularly in the hip area. Plenty of our favorite style stars, of all shapes and sizes, use this trick to achieve sartorial success. Flares of all types suffice: full-length, cropped and beyond.

Keep scrolling to see examples of how to get slimmer-looking hips with flared jeans. 

What are some of your tried-and-true tricks for accentuating your favorite body parts? Share them with us in the comments below!