I Asked Our Style Director for a Fall Fashion Makeover—See the Pics!

Everyone who knows me well knows that I’m a creature of habit to the nth degree. I eat the same breakfast every morning, run the same number of miles every week, revisit the same stores over and over again, and so on. I find comfort in the repetition, and yet, it’s pretty boring. As a result, I’m constantly looking for ways to subvert my same old, same old ways, and matters of style are no exception.

Though I’m no uniform dresser, I do tend to fall back on a similar rotation of outfits that are usually heavy on black, white, and gray pieces—extra emphasis on black. I could live in a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans, leather ankle boots, and a beige trench coat—but what’s the fun in that? As an editor who’s constantly surrounded by the coolest fashion, I’ve begun to wonder if I’m missing out.

Interestingly, I wasn’t always this way—in fact, I was pretty much the opposite. I was an early arbiter of the skirt-over-pants trend, and there may or may not have been bikini-over-T-shirt moments in middle school. Not to mention the Dr. Martens I wore like armor in high school. Somewhere beneath all the dull adult layers, that girl is itching to get out.

So, with a new season upon us, I decided it was time to put the proverbial spark back into my wardrobe. “Put me in ALL the things I don’t wear,” I begged our savvy style director, Nicole Kliest, quickly adding, “But don’t go too overboard. Baby steps!” Lucky for me, she was more than game. 

Scroll down to see how she changed up my look!