6 Surprising Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2019

Like it or not, we're living in the height of the Instagram age, and how many followers you have matters to a lot of people to a certain extent. But building your following doesn't usually happen overnight (unless you're a celebrity), so having a few tricks up your sleeve is key. The person with all the tricks is Who What Wear's very own social media editor, Mimi Postigo. You can see her expertise at work on Who What Wear's Instagram account, which has nearly three million followers, and she's also one half of the popular The Devils Wear Zara, which boasts nearly 100,000 followers.

I asked Mimi to fill me in on surprising ways to build your following (because we've all heard the theories about which filters and outfit colors get more likes), and her tips were so insightful. I even decided to put them to the test on my own account (shameless plug: It's @allypayer) for a little firsthand experience. I gained about 50 followers over the past month, which is significant for me, as my follower count is less than 2000. (It's all relative, right?)

Keep scrolling for six tried-and-true ways to get more Instagram followers this year, and see examples along the way.

Tag Away

"Tag brands, people, locations—anyone or anything that is either in your content or related to what you're sharing. This increases your chances of someone sharing it to their IG Story or maybe even regramming, thus bringing new people to you."

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Identify Your Top Content Categories

"We know what the secret sauce is to a post that will outperform on WWW, and you should know what works on your account, too. Test out different content types on your IG (selfies, outfit pics, accessories, memes), and see what your audience responds best to. If you're known for delivering on something, you're more likely to build a highly engaged audience."

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Who would you rather be? @moschino 😀

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Mention a Celeb

"It might sound crazy trying to get the attention of a big celebrity, but a lot of celebs do in fact look at what people are tagging them in on Stories (e.g., Ariana Grande), and they sometimes share it to their own. It doesn't always grab their attention (@colesprouse, looking at you), but it's worth a shot, and the exposure is great for boosting your following."

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A fantastic beast indeed.

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Engage in Trending Events

"Sharing content around something that's trending on IG (like the Golden Globes or Coachella) will likely pop up to the top of your followers' Instagram feeds. If you're getting high engagement on the post, it might be served to someone who isn't following you via mutual friends on their Discover page."

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Copenhagen Fashion Week details 🎀 #cphfw

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Post a Video

"You have a higher chance of ending up on the Discover page of IG in the video reel if you share a single video post. It's an easy way to increase your reach and bring in new people to your account."

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New haircut... who this?! So much yes @dhiranmistry_ ✂️

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Leave a Comment

"Comment on public accounts with a large following so that you're getting your account name out there. Bonus points if you leave a comment that's funny and gets a lot of 'likes.' You're more likely to have other people visit your account if your comment populates to the top."

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baby #2?

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i can’t wait part two @sweetener

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That's a wrap! When I think about all the people who have come out to our events over these past few weeks, I think about a little working-class kid named Michelle LaVaughn Robinson—an ordinary girl who had some tales to tell, some failures and some successes, too. She had a lot to learn, a lot to experience, a lot to give—more than she ever could have imagined. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my story lately, and what I keep coming back to is that no matter where we came from, we all share so much. People of all backgrounds, skin colors, and political persuasions can relate to feeling uncertain or overwhelmed. We’ve all been a little frustrated by the slow, frustrating growth necessary to get where we want to go. We’ve all struggled with the balancing act that can take over days, years, or decades of our lives. And I want us all to remember that these are the moments and lessons that make us who we are -- every little twist and turn, every little bump and bruise, and ultimately every joys and every triumph, no matter how large or small. So I hope all of you believe in your story. I hope you recognize that what you see as a weakness might actually be a strength. I hope you recognize the power of your voice. And I hope you remind yourself that there isn't one right way to be an American. There isn’t one way to make your contribution in this country. So thank you all for your part of our story. Thank you for being who you are. And to everyone who’s read my memoir, or come to one of our events, or posted something online, thank you for being on this journey with me. Thank you for helping me continue to become. I hope my story can serve as a boost in your own process of becoming, too. I love you all. #IAmBecoming

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momma !

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