The Simple Trick to Keep Your Jeans Organized


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More likely than not, you probably own an infinite amount of denim in your closet—more specifically, pairs of jeans. Whether or not that’s the case, knowing how to fold your jeans is key to keeping your wardrobe organized, because while your closet is filled with varying styles of boyfriend jeans doesn’t mean you want to find yourself beneath a mountain of them.

To make it easier on both you and your closet, we tapped Monica Leed and Melody Messick, the founders of Simply Spaced for their expert advice on folding jeans to save space in your drawers and shelves and organize them, too.

“To fold jeans like a pro, lay them flat, tuck in the bulky seat of the pant against the pant leg, fold the pant in halves or thirds to fill the width of the drawer, bin or shelf they are filling,” they share. To keep them organized, Leed and Messick recommend storing your jeans upright if they’re in bins or drawers, as well as having them color coded from light to dark.

Once you’ve mastered the art of folding your jeans, shop our favorites on the market to add to your own collection.

Whether you've got a closet filled with denim or only have a few pairs, these will make an excellent addition to your newly organized denim selection.