Where This French Fashion Editor Shops for Vintage Denim


Carola Dearmas

If I found the perfect pair of vintage Levi’s jeans, I’d legit throw a party for all my closest gal pals, because they know I’ve been on the hunt since I was about 19. It’s a journey I can’t believe I’m still on, and so when I spotted Anne-Laure Mais of Adenorah and her epic collection of vintage Levi’s, I had to find out her secret. The French fashion editor and stylist is obviously very far away from Sydney, so we went back and forth on email, and she revealed some of her secrets. I kicked things off, and asked straight out, where she buys her vintage jeans. “It really depends, but usually in Paris at Episode or Kiliwatch, or when I’m in London I look around Brick Lane. When I’m shopping for vintage denim, I want to feel sexy and comfortable—they’re the most important points for me. I’ve shopped for vintage jeans online at Re/Done, and now that I know my size, it’s much easier to order.” When I pressed on whether she gets them altered for the perfect fit, she said “It really depends. I like to mix it up, so I have some completely original, others that I prefer to cut, and some that I completely resize to be more "modern" with a straighter/slimmer leg.” Got it. So next time I’m rummaging around at my local op-shop, I won’t expect a perfect fit on the first go (my usual downfall). Instead, I’m taking Anne-Laure Mais’ advice, and visiting my tailor, to have them altered to the perfect fit.  

Who else is visiting Re/Done or their nearest op-shop immediately to find their perfect pair of vintage Levi’s?

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