This Bra-Buying Tip Just Blew Our Minds

Word to the wise: Don't just settle on the first bra that looks good on you—there are a lot more things to consider than you might think.

Glamour tapped British lingerie retailer Rigby & Peller to dish on the bra tips everyone should know. While we loved every pointer, we made a special note about one in particular that has to do with a detail you might be overlooking: the hooks on the back of your bra. "You should start off on the first or middle hook when you first buy a bra, and be able to fit your index and forefinger in the back comfortably," Glamour explains. "That way, it's not too tight or too loose, and you can tighten the strap as it wears and stretches out over time."

In other words, don't just consider how a bra fits right now—you should think long-term and factor in how your bra will stretch out. Trust us: Your wallet will thank you six months later, when you can just move up a couple hooks instead of buying a new bra.

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Opening Image: Victoria's Secret