How to Find a Quality Faux Fur In 3 Steps Flat

These days, the variety of faux fur pieces available is overwhelmingly awesome. Aside from the obvious task of choosing something that speaks to your style sensibilities, however, it’s important to select a high quality, well made piece too, because let’s be honest: not all faux items look and feel fabulous. Read on for our three easy tips to take into account when shopping for your next faux fur piece. 

1.  Feel for softness.
The first thing you should do is touch the fur to see how soft it feels. The softer it is, the better, since low-quality fur will often feel scratchy and uncomfortable against your skin.

2. Check for resilience.
Another important factor is resilience, meaning how quickly the fibres bounce back after being touched. A high-quality faux fur will quickly return to its original shape and form, rather than staying in place.

3. Read the label.
Acrylic is a common material used in making faux fur, but it comes in countless forms, not all of which are created equal. Look out for pieces made with the acrylic fibres kanecaron or tissavel. They’ll have the most pleasing texture, and will last you longer.


Now that you know what to look for, scroll down to shop some of our favourite faux fur items.

Whistles Kumiko Faux Fur Coat ($521) in Pink

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