3 Tests to See If Your Shoes Will Hurt (Before You Buy Them)

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There's nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes. Because come on, who honestly wants to spend the entire day at the office with heels that pinch—or a weekend running around in painful flats? No one. Sure, you probably had the best intentions while shoe shopping (i.e. trying on a pair to see if they feel great), but more often than not, simply slipping into a pair of shoes for a few seconds isn't enough to tell if they will actually be comfortable in the long run.

However, to ensure the heels, flats, or booties you love won't kill your feet, we're sharing three tests to keep in mind as you're out shoe shopping.

Keep scrolling to watch our video below for our top tricks. Seriously—keep these in the back of your head and you'll minimize the risk of super-painful shoes. Plus, go a bit further to shop some of our favorite shoes of the moment.

What's your trick for ensuring your shoes will always be comfortable? Let us know in the comments below.

Opening Image: Sandra Semburg