The Secret Trick for Finding Out Someone's Ring Size


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If you’re planning on popping the question and want it to be a surprise, you’re probably trying to figure out how to find out a ring size on the sly. But what is the best way for figuring it out without someone knowing? It can prove to be difficult since it’s not something that comes up in normal conversation. And if you’re at the stage where you’re thinking about an engagement, your partner is probably going to catch on if you start asking questions out of the blue.

To help point you in the right direction, we’ve rounded up some ideas to help you with your detective work. Keep reading to find out our top five tips for how to find a ring size without someone knowing.

Tip #1: Borrow one of their existing rings and take it to a ring dealer.

We hope you ask for permission before you take their things, but this one is definitely an exception. Alternatively, if you are afraid to take one of their rings, you can borrow it for about a minute while you trace the inside and outside of the ring on a piece of paper. Ring dealers can usually figure out the size from your sketch. Just make sure it’s a piece they wear on her their finger.

Tip #2: Ask their family or friends.

The results might not be spot-on, but you’ll get an idea of what their size might be from their relatives or close friends. Chances are they might have let it slip to them if they have been thinking about an engagement.

Tip #3: Sneak it into a conversation.

This might prove to be pretty difficult, so err on the safe side. Be creative and tell them it’s a gift for their mother or sibling and you’ll need their size for a frame of reference.

Tip #4: Have their friends ask them and then report back.

If they have a recently engaged friend, this is the easiest way. Ask the friend to let them try on the ring, and it will be less suspicious if that friend then asks what their size is.

Tip #5: If all else fails, you can try the average engagement ring size.

According to Jessie Andrews of jewelry line Bagatiba, “The most common ring size is 6 or 7. So if you pick one of those sizes, it’s most likely to fit.” If you think your S.O. might have larger fingers, always get a size that might be too big. Rings are commonly easier to resize when they are bigger.

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