5 Ways to Dress Like a French It-Girl With an American Twist

It’s no secret that here at Who What Wear, we have a serious crush on French-girl style.  Something about their pared-down, minimalistic, too-cool-to-care vibe has us endlessly coveting whatever it is they’re wearing. That being said, we’ve always been a bit sad to part with our American-girl roots in favor of something just a bit more chic.

And it’s not just us Americans who feel this way! French jewelry designer Aurélie Bidermann recently told Vogue that she admires American style for all the things French style doesn’t do. “I’ve always been inspired by Americans; I love when they’re very put-together and they have a strong style,” she told the magazine. “They’re not afraid to go out with the jewelry, the dress, looking put-together. The French can be more shy about this kind of thing.”

Considering all this, we were struck by a brilliant idea—why not combine these styles to achieve the best of both worlds? Below, find five outfit ideas that mix the minimalistic French approach to dressing with a bolder, more American methodology to accessorizing.

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