How to Do Laundry: 3 Unexpected Things to Keep in Mind

You'd think that as fully grown adults, most of us would have a decent handle on how to do laundry the proper way: spot-treat stains, wash delicates on a low cycle, and never wash a new, colorful garment with old whites, for example. And while we might be able to master these basic skills, it always helps to refresh our knowledge of handy tricks along the way.

We did some digging to find some truly lesser-known laundry hacks that will help upgrade your entire clothes-care game. You might consider bookmarking this page and showing it to your mom later, so she can be blown away too.

Keep scrolling for three unexpected hacks to keep in mind while you're doing laundry!

Turn your jeans inside out

There are some out there who maintain that you shouldn't wash your jeans ever, but if you just can't get on board with dirty denim, try turning your jeans inside out before you wash them. It will clean the fabric without damaging your favorite washes.

Put delicates inside a tied pillowcase

Don't own a lingerie pouch, and don't feel like buying one? When you're washing linens, toss your delicates—underwear, socks, workout gear—into a pillowcase, and tie the open end. The case will keep all your paired items together, and it will protect them from the turbulence of the machine.

To speed up drying time, toss in a dry towel

In a hurry but still need to dry a full load? Add an already-dry bath towel to the machine. It will soak up excess moisture so your stuff dries quicker!

What are your favorite go-to laundry hacks? Tell us in the comments below, and shop more laundry essentials over on The Laundress.