How to Cut a Shirt to Give Your Basic Top New Life


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Just as the basic T-shirt will never fall out of fashion, customizing them with a pair of scissors has long been an easy homemade way to infuse them with added cool factor. Knowing how to cut a shirt into something greater than the sum of its former parts is a skill that's easy to acquire—many of us just don't take the time to do it. The coolest kids in high school were pros at reworking their wardrobes with handcrafted, personalized details, and the cool pack of today—It girls, off-duty models, and style setters from all walks of life—are doing the same. Whether switching up hemlines with a quick snip or giving a neckline a nostalgic flair, making the right cut with the right pair of scissors can completely transform an everyday T-shirt.

Head below for our step-by-step directions on how to cut a shirt three different ways.