The Fashion Girl’s Guide to Looking Refreshed After a Sleepless Night

We've all been there. You know, when you wake up from a sleepless night looking less than perfect. Even fashion girls deal with it, but if there's anything to learn from your style muse, it's that you can look polished after a night of no sleep. How, you ask? Look to one of the industry’s most seasoned style experts, Liz Cherkasova of Late Afternoon. Despite her hectic schedule—we’re talking multiple appearances, events, and travel, sometimes all in a day’s work—she’s able to rally and look on point, despite not getting much sleep. But even for a pro like Cherkasova, it can still feel challenging to be on your A-game when you’re feeling the opposite. “Recently I had to take a red-eye to Paris, and it’s very difficult for me to sleep on an airplane, so I was running on a few hours of sleep,” she explains. “I had a client meeting as soon as we landed and had to look and act like my most professional self.” Thankfully, over the course of her career, she’s learned some tricks of the trade, like relying on simple dresses (our collection is full of them!) and water for keeping skin hydrated and refreshed.

Keep reading for five ways to cover up a sleepless night.