The Gentle Method Jewelers Use to Clean Wedding Rings

While there’s no doubt that finding the perfect wedding ring is a challenge, maintaining the luster of your pick deserves equal attention. Everyday wear will inevitably dampen its sheen, but with the proper care and attention, you can keep your wedding ring in tip-top shape. To get the full scoop on what it takes to keep a wedding ring looking like new, we turned to two jewelers to get their perspectives on how best to clean wedding rings. Their suggestions are a surefire way to keep your stone looking like new, without damaging its surface. Keep reading to learn how to clean weddings rings like a professional.

Both of our jewelers recommended easy solutions for cleaning your rings using ingredients you likely have sitting in your cabinets. Hannah Marlin of Trumpet & Horn suggests the following for keeping a diamond looking like new: “Our favorite way to clean diamond engagement rings is with Windex! For diamond rings, we recommend a weekly deep cleaning to keep your ring sparkling every day! Place your ring in a small bowl (make sure it’s not near any drains!) and soak it in Windex for a few minutes. Using a soft toothbrush, gently brush the surfaces of the ring. Pat dry with a paper towel, and voilà! Your ring should be sparkly as new!” Turns out our parents were right—Windex really is the solution to all of our cleaning woes.

Place your ring in a small bowl and soak it in Windex for a few minutes.

When it comes to the fancier cleaning methods, Marlin advises to avoid them: “Professional jewelry cleaning machines and ultrasonics are great but can actually damage your ring if you have small accent stones, by loosening them.” While Trumpet & Horn’s Windex method works great for diamonds, Marlin recommends a different solution for pearls and other precious stones, “For rings with any colored gemstones, like emeralds, pearls, or opals, we love Lavish Foam jewelry cleaner.”

A spritz of Windex isn’t the only way to get that diamond sparkling. Diamond cutter Brian Gavin of Brian Gavin Diamonds recommends a more DIY approach to cleaning your wedding rings: “Take a concentrated solution of dish soap—it can’t have any kind of hand softener. Take the dish soap and mix it into a warm water solution to soak the ring for about five minutes. If the ring is really dirty, let it soak longer. Next, you’ll need to take a small toothbrush and brush the back of the ring gently to remove any excess oils. Of course, the top of the diamond attracts all kinds of dirt and oil, but underneath the ring, called the pavilion, is often overlooked. It’s important to take care and clean underneath the ring too. Once you’ve soaked the ring for a few minutes, take a soft cloth to wipe it dry.”

Take concentrated dish soap and mix it into a warm water solution to soak the ring for about five minutes.

Gavin also advises being conscious of when you wear your ring. It may be tempting to keep your ring on while cleaning or bathing, but to keep your ring’s luster, it’s best to remove it during activities where your hands will be immersed in water. Gavin says, “Keep one to two ring trees in your house. Keep one in the kitchen so that you can easily take off your ring as you cook or clean. Keep the second tree in your bathroom or bedroom as I don’t recommend you shower or sleep with your diamond. Any soap or residue when you shower will stick to the diamond and only keep it dirty.”

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