Women With Timeless Style Go for This Engagement Ring Shape

Sure, celebrities offer plenty of inspiration when it comes to cushion-cut versus pear-diamond rings. But if you could use some more help narrowing down the options, Vogue.com tapped a bona fide expert: Olivia Landau, who graduated from the Gemological Institute of America, is a "fourth-generation diamantaire," and runs her own jewelry brand.

Landau explained the hidden meanings behind all the different engagement ring shapes, and we zeroed in on her explanation for round-cut rings: "This cut is for someone who is drawn to a classic and timeless style," Landau told Vogue.com. "A round brilliant is perfect for someone who wants a traditional look that will last through the ages; the brilliant faceting is also great for women looking for maximum sparkle." Head over to Vogue.com to learn about the symbolism behind six other shapes too.

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