The Clothing Care Products Every Girl Should Own

Pro clutter cleaner Lili Pettit is known for transforming and organizing several celebrity wardrobes, including Jessica Alba’s. Each month, we ask Pettit for her expert opinion on a new closet-related topic. Scroll down for this month’s tips!

Love your wardrobe? Don’t let potential hazards in your closet tear the two of you apart! As a Clutter Healer, I see tons of closets every year—it’s always a bummer to watch someone lose an investment bag or favorite sweater just because it was lost in the shuffle of things and got damaged. If you don’t take precautions to guard and protect your clothes, you may be forced to part ways with beloved belongings before you’re ready. Luckily, there are some excellent products on the market now to help give your clothes the A-list treatment. It’s never been easier!

Scroll down for my clothing care product picks to help you keep your clothes longer and looking better than ever!