Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing Vintage Denim

If you’ve found that searching for the perfect pair of vintage jeans is harder than it may sound, today’s story goes out to you. To help ease the process, we’re sharing five important shopping tips to keep in mind. So, if you’ve yet to find a pair of vintage jeans that fits your body just right, keep reading!

Scroll down for our top five tips! 

1. Find your fit.



To make this much easier on you, we asked Levi’s Global Vice President of Women’s Design Jill Guenza to weigh in on which vintage cut is the most flattering for different body types. Click here to find your perfect fit

2. Keep in mind that no two pairs will ever fit alike.


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Because you’re dealing with vintage denim, each pair (no matter the size) will fit and look extremely different. Luckily, the next two shopping tips help solve this sometimes frustrating vintage-denim dilemma. 

3. The wash of the jean is key.



Take it from Jane Bishop, co-founder and denim guru behind Jean Stories, and focus on the wash and not the fit. “I always start with the colour because the truth is you can do anything to a pair of jeans if you have the right tailor. If you find a wash that really speaks to you and the jeans fit in some way, go for it!”


4. Remember you can always tailor to YOUR body.


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In a perfect world, you’d slip into a pair of vintage jeans, and they’d hug your body just right. If this isn’t case, we suggest taking a trip to your local tailor. A few nips here and a couple of tapers there will truly ensure the best fit for your body. 

5. Know where to shop.


Urban Outfitters

Head here to bookmark the best secret spots to shop vintage jeans online

Ready to test out a new pair of jeans? Scroll down to shop our favourite vintage-inspired picks!

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Kings of Indigo Virginia Jeans ($255)

What’s the biggest dilemma for YOU when searching for vintage denim? Let us know in the comments below!