The Jewellery Trend You're About to See Everywhere

Jewellery is the easiest way to give an old outfit a fresh spin—the simplest piece can transform your entire look. It is powerful, and ever-changing, and one jewellery label that’s always reinventing itself is Amber Sceats. For a relatively new brand (it launched in 2012), Amber Sceats has quickly become a go-to for on-trend pieces and a celebrity favourite. We recently sat down with the label’s founder and designer to find out what it takes to become a successful jewellery designer in an industry that’s notoriously tough to crack.

Keep scrolling to peep Amber Sceats’ latest collection (and discover what will be the next big jewellery trend).


Amber Sceats

Who What Wear Australia: What was your inspiration or starting point for this collection?

Amber Sceats: I really wanted to strip back a few layers from my past collections. I felt like I needed to take a raw approach and really listen to my creative kick. I kept it simple, sophisticated, yet innovative—much like my personal style.

Think mixed metals and the exciting introduction of two tone. I feel this collection came together more organically than previous and I am so excited to launch!


Amber Sceats

WWW:  What do you think will be the next big jewellery trends?

AS: Chokers are definitely here to stay. Whether it be more of a leather tie or simple gold accent by day, by night you will see a much bolder approach. It’s such an easy piece to wear too!

In general, for upcoming seasons, I think jewellery will take more of a mixed metal approach—as opposed to the pearl and marbled accents we have seen in the past.


Amber Sceats

WWW: What do you think it takes to become a successful jewellery designer?

AS: You definitely have to know who you are, what your goals are, and who you want your audience to be. Those are the key factors. Not to mention, of course; passion, motivation and that daring and bold nature to take risks. Plenty of mistakes will be made, but ambition will overpower that. If you love what you do, then do it!

Shop one of the biggest jewellery trends—chokers:

This is the perfect simple choker to use as a layering piece

No 2016 wardrobe is complete without a velvet choker.

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