A Definitive Guide on How to Make It as a Celebrity Fashion Stylist


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Celebrity stylists like Rachel Zoe put the career on the map as an aspirational and glamorous way to work in the fashion industry. However, unlike other careers where the steps to land the job are clear, styling is still often shrouded in mystery. If you’re interested in learning how to become a celebrity fashion stylist, we’re breaking it down ahead.

We went straight to the source and found out insider tips from celebrity stylist Aimee Croysdill. She explained that assisting is an essential place to start but should be used in a strategic way—to make a name for yourself, capitalize on the relationships you build, and make sure your voice is heard. She told Who What Wear, “I believe it should always start with a minimum of three years assisting to really understand how the machine works. While assisting, make sure everyone gets to know your name—make sure your voice is heard. Too many people are afraid to share their opinions and aren't remembered. It's a freelancer’s game, so you need to make sure you make an impression wherever and whatever you do in order to reach your goal; you never know when you might get a call that could change your career, and you never know who that call may be from. If you make a commitment to work hard for a stylist as an assistant, they should help your career take off. The people I assisted gave me jobs to kick-start my portfolio, and I've done the same for my full-time assistants past and present.”

Beyond assisting, Croysdill explains that styling is a career where knowledge is power: “Research constantly; be really aware of cult brands and new labels. Knowledge of the history of fashion is a great tool to use throughout your career. If you can switch up in the beginning, you'll stand out from the rest. Most importantly it’s a really fun job! You should enjoy every moment, even if it means dragging a suitcase around for a few months. Just remember you won’t have to do that forever!”

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