13 Doable Things to Make 2016 Your Most Stylish Year Ever

Whatever your fashion resolution is this year, we’re rounding out our favorite simple ways to help carry your goal out. Whether you’re looking to streamline your morning routine or want to be more confident in your clothes, making small efforts will add up big to put your most fashionable foot forward in 2016.

Keep reading to see our 13 doable ideas to make this your most stylish year yet.

Your clothing should make you feel good, so heed impulse items that fail to flatter your figure. The goal is to cultivate a closet that you’ll love throughout the changing seasons, and you simply won’t wear something if you don’t feel good in it.

Sometimes fashion requires forethought. So taking a few extra moments before going to bed to plan out your outfit for the next day makes a big difference. Not only will you be less stressed because you’re not pressed for time in the morning, but also, your outfits will be more thoughtful. Feeling ambitious? Set aside three to four outfits the Sunday night before your week ahead. This ensures that no matter how busy your week gets, you’re still polished and refined.

We can’t stress enough the importance of a proper fit, especially when it comes to the investment pieces. Find a tailor in your neighborhood to alter pieces that will withstand the changing seasons. The small change may be more affordable than you think, and the extra effort will make your clothes look more expensive.

Clear out the clothes you don’t wear and give the ones you do a proper home. Doing a deep clean of your closet routinely helps you get rid of any unnecessary clutter so you can easily access the pieces you love to wear.

Your undergarments are like the foundation to a well-built outfit. Invest in pieces that fit properly and are of a quality material, and you will thank yourself later.

Whether you’re walking down the street or curating a style board on Pinterest, some of your favorite outfit ideas will naturally stem from another fashionable female. Notice what you’re drawn to and emulate that in your own wardrobe. See a trend you like? Take a risk and give it a shot on your own.

From laundry hacks you probably haven’t heard of to making the time to drop off finer items at the dry cleaner, get more life out of your existing wardrobe by taking proper care of your items.

It’s easy to layer on the accessories, but heed Coco Chanel’s advice and take one item off before you walk out the door to ensure you look classic and not too disorderly.

Sometimes the little details, like a frayed hem or unique stitching, makes a garment. When shopping, carefully select pieces that have a something charming and exceptional about them. We promise compliments will follow.

Sometimes it’s okay to take the cheaper route. Sometimes it’s okay to drop your entire paycheck on one item. But you need to know when to make the call. We recommend tightening the budget when it comes to fad pieces that go in and out of style. If the item is something timeless that you will wear on repeat, such as a blazer, black pumps, or a classic handbag style, we say it’s worth the splurge.

It’s hard. When the alarm goes off, your mind is already on your to-do list, and getting ready can sometimes feel like an afterthought. Gracing yourself with a few extra minutes will make sure you’re not scrambling to get out the door. The result will be a complete #ootd and a less stressed you.

Celebrities have them, so why can’t you? Find your style uniform so you can always have a go-to outfit ready for any occasion.

Above all, fashion is meant to be enjoyable and make you feel good. Wear what you love and say hello to your most confident year yet.

We want to hear from you! What's your 2016 fashion resolution? Tell us in the comments below.

Opening Image: A Love Is Blind